quarta-feira, 8 de junho de 2016

Cardmaking - A way to use your creativity

I love crafting. There is no secret there. I've tried all sort of crafts over the years - some continue to this day as hobbies. Others I left behind. There is a lot to do but so little time.
One of the things I like creating the most are cards
They are fun to make, adapt and personalize. Who doesn't like receiving a handmade card? And they can be used in any occasion: even if just to say hello to an old or new friend. Of course an email, a message or a social network comment is much quicker but, somehow, it's not as personal.
I believe that's why snail mail is making a sort of come back: from penpal websites to postcrossing. And I consider it a good thing.

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine visited Canada and, as a sort of souvenir, she brought me a few washi tapes. As a crafter herself, she knows the importance of good and beautiful craft supplies. It was a foiled green washi tape. It immediately reminded me of mermaids and the ocean.
That thought followed me around for a few days, until I eventually sat down and made this mermaid themed card.

I must admit it turned out better than expected: I love the color pallete and I am a sucker for sparkling things. I have not given it a destiny yet: I might put it up for sale on my etsy shop or perhaps send it to a friend. Time will say. 
Have a creative day!

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